How do you get free VIP on MovieStarPlanet? 2020

Anyone who plays MovieStarPlanet wants to have a free VIP membership. In this article, we will tell you how to get a free MovieStarPlanet VIP membership.

Never download programs to be free VIP in the game. Do not write your username and password on any website.

MovieStarPlanet free VIP methods 2020

  • By participating in the competitions held every week in MSP, you can earn free VIP. A total of 14 people are given free VIP each week.
  • You can earn 1-month STAR VIP by doing tasks on the GAMEKİT website. (It is valid in some countries.)
  • You can become a free VIP by participating in sweepstakes on YouTube.
  • You can earn Google Play credits by downloading the Google Opinion Rewards app and doing the tasks. You can get free VIP with Google Play credit.

People who download the VIP program or enter their username and password on the sites will lose their accounts. Never do this.

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